Kate Winslet - The Reader (2008 + del. scenes)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Kate Winslet (32 years) in compilation of nude scenes from The Reader (2008). The clip contains a mix of the regular version of the movie with deleted scenes available on the web. In first moment Kate puts on her stockings, giving us a view of her hairy pussy. Then we have a truly delicious shot of Kate's ass as she seduces a much younger guy. Moments later, there are some sex shots where Kate shows off her tits. Then we have one of the deleted scenes: fully frontal Kate puts her natural curvy body on the table to teach her teen lover about sex. Next is the cinematic version same scene where Kate teaches a young lover to sex, but this time she only shows boobs. In another clip actress lays down next to her boyfriend showing off her ass, tits and a flash of pubic brunettes. In the next moment of nervousness, Kate walks towards the camera shaking her tits at her. Later we have a great look at Kate's swinging sacks when she angrily disrobes. Another deleted scene is when Kate having sex with a toyboy when the actress runs over it fast and then slower. And at the end we have a few quick shots of the bathing actress's tit. Slow motion clip.
Models: Kate Winslet

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