Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan - Ammonite (2020)

nude scenes
naked scenes
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Description: Kate Winslet (44 years) and Saoirse Ronan (25 years) in nude scenes from Ammonite (2020). The film brings an excellent lesbian sex scene with cougar Kate Winslet and young Saoirse Ronan. Before that, however, both actresses had several scenes of passionate kissing and even oral sex scenes. When it comes to the final bed games, Kate strips completely naked and Saoirse performs cunningulis on horny Kate. Then Ronan sits on Winslet's lips, then takes off her gown, showing off her beautiful buttocks and breasts. The scene takes a while, so we can admire the bodies of both actresses. It is worth thinking that this is the first film where Saoirse Ronan gets naked on screen. The actresses did not use doubles in this scene. Unfortunately, while both show pubic hair as well, but it's not real - this is a merkin. Slow motion clip.

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