Trine Dyrholm - Queen of Hearts (2019, slow-mo)

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Description: Danish actress Trine Dyrholm (47 years) in nude scenes from Dronningen a.k.a. Queen of Hearts (2019). In first scene Trine takes off her top in front of a mirror, staring at her breasts for a great look. Next we have a amazing older woman and young men sex scene. The actress enters a young man's room and starts jerking him off before flinging off the covers, grabbing his cock, and taking it into her mouth in graphic fashion. Dick is a fake, so this in not real blowjob scene. We then see her tits and butt as he bangs her from behind. In next shot Trine gives a look at her titties while she gets plowed by a guy. In another scene a Dane shows boobs and bush as she and a young guy have sex in a very artsy scene. Then there is a quick look at Trine's tits as she bends down. In last scene Trine undresses on the side of the bed, unhooking her bra and showing her left breast in profile before slipping on a sheer nightie. Slow motion clip.
Models: Trine Dyrholm

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