Jessica Chastain - George & Tammy (s01, 2022)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Jessica Chastain (44 years) in compilation of nude scenes from Showtime's series George & Tammy (s01, 2022-2023). In the first episode, Jessica takes a shower and is surprised by a photographer. Although it was close, she did not show any nudity there. For this, you have to wait until episode two. There, she first performs in a sexy knit and then has sex with Michael Shannon where she flashes us her boobs on screen in a few brief shots. Then we have episode three, where Jess already has the best nudity in the series, as she peels off her breasts during sex with a guy and lets you get a good look at them thanks to the slow-mo technique. In episode 4 Jessica is gets undressed by Michael Shannon for some down home, country sex in this good scene. In episode 5 actress can't seem to stop going back to Michael Shannon as she gets banged in bed after a recording session, showing her boobs and buns a bit. Ultra slow-motion clip.

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