Vicenta N'Dongo - El Perquè de tot Plegat (1995)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Spanish actress Vicenta N'Dongo (26 years) in nude and sexy scenes from spanish movie El Perquè de tot Plegat What's It All About (1995). First Vicenta stands in her underwear on the balcony. Then she strolls naked around the flat. We see her flashing her buns and side-boob on the screen from afar, but thanks to the magic of graphics programs, we can zoom in on her cool views. Then we get some shots of her in a sexy bra and panties. At the very end we have a gentle caress and a lesbian kiss between Vincenta and Àurea Márquez. Slow motion clip.
Models: Vicenta N'Dongo

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