Taki Mumladze, Mariam Khundadze - Chemi otakhi (2022)

nude scenes
naked scenes
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Description: Georgian actresses Taki Mumladze (short haired brunette), Mariam Khundadze (long haired) in nude scenes from georgian movie Chemi otakhi a.k.a. A Room of My Own (2022). In the first scene, Taki takes a shower and we can admire her bare boobs. In the second, Taki sits at a table and Mariam walks by in a total full frontal shining her trimmed bush at the camera. In the third shot, Taki wears a bra and flashes her tits to the camera for a while. Then Taki lies on the bed while Mariam first massages and then gives a fantastic pussy massage and kisses her tits. At the end, Taki comes to Mariam and then starts kissing her. She pulls off her shirt, the other girl also undresses and the two women begin to have passionate lesbian sex.

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