Shelley Hennig - Obliterated (s01, 2023)

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naked scenes
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Description: Shelley Hennig (36 years) in compilation of nude and sexy scenes from Netflix's series Obliterated (s01, 2023). In episode 1, the actress parades in front of the camera in a bikini showing off her killer body. Later as she makes out with a guy in a hotel room, pulling her dress off to go bottomless in a bra, giving some absoluty amazing looks at her butt. The guy then takes her bra off and picks her up, flashing her side boob (unfortunately blured) as he carries her to the bed. Shelley rolls around to ride a dude and gives us a totally insane view of her amazing ass . Later we get a couple of shots with the boobs covered and again a capital ass view. In episode 7 Shelley climbing into a guy's lap with her black dress hiked up to reveal her butt from the side as she and the guy have sex standing up, Shelley bouncing up and down as he holds her up. And in episode 8, the actress having sex with a guy in a running shower, the guy running his hands over her body before she climbs into his lap and rides him on a bench against the shower wall. We have no nudity here, just side-boob. Ultra slow-motion clip.
Models: Shelley Hennig

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