Anna Györgyi - Tabló (2008)

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Description: Hungarian actress Anna Györgyi (41 years) in shockingly hard nude scenes from a Hungarian film Tabló (2008). In the very first seconds of the clip, the actress uncovers the duvet and she is totally naked, while the guy next to her has an erection. Anna goes lower and starts kissing his cock. Although the camera doesn't catch a literal blowjob it is clear in the close-up that at least her face is rubbing against his dick to some extent. Boobs, ass and bush of the actress here is just an accessory to a powerful licking scene. In the second scene, Anna is sitting naked at a table talking to a guy. We see her tits the whole time. Then she stands up and gives us a view of her ass and bush.
Models: Anna Gyorgyi

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