Elvira Mínguez - Me llamo Sara (1998)

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Description: Spanish actress Elvira Mínguez (33 years) in nude scenes from spanish movie Me llamo Sara a.k.a. Em dic Sara a.k.a. (1998). In the first scene, Elvira lies in bed next to a guy with her tits exposed. Then we get a great shot of her climbing back into bed doing a nice roll and showing us her shapely ass to the camera. Later, the actress stands in front of a mirror in her underwear and assesses her body. The next shot is a sex scene with a young stud during which she shows off her breasts. Later she rides another guy and again gives us a view of her boobs. In the last scene, she sits on a bed with - once again - exposedtits.
Models: Elvira Minguez

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