Amandine Noworyta, Iris Jodorowsky - Entre Nous (2023)

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Description: French actresses Amandine Noworyta (blonde) and Iris Jodorowsky (brunette) in nude scenes from french movie Entre Nous (2023). First both girls making out as we then see them lying down naked together in bed. They then have sex, Amandine rubbing her body against Iris' as Iris cries out reaching orgasm and squeezes Amandine's breast. In next scene Iris lying naked on her back in bed as Amandine lies next to her, also naked as she moves her hand from between Iris' legs to her chest and squeezes her breast while kissing her. In another scene Iris having a guy lift her shirt off over her head to reveal her breasts as she backs toward a sofa and lays down on her back. Next Amandine seen from above a bath tub as we get a view of her breasts both under and above the water. We then get a view of her lying in a tub next to Iris, the two girls naked and kissing. We then see a bit more of Amandine by herself in the tub, lifting herself up from under the water. Slow motion clip.

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