Alison Brie - Somebody I Used to Know (2023)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Alison Brie (40 years) in nude scenes from Somebody I Used to Know (2023). At the beginning we have some warming shots in Alison's sexy roles, where she stars in a swimsuit with sexy shorts and an alluring cleavage. The first notable scene is when Alison and Kiersey Clemons run completely naked across the golf course. Both women are full frontal nude but their pussies are covered with merkins. Additionally, Kiersey's breasts are CGI (Alison's boobs are real). Fortunately, later on, there's an interview scene where Alison shows off her boobs in full glory (congratulations for having such wonderful views!) and there are only naked people around. Slow motion clip.
Models: Alison Brie

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