Virginie Efira - Les Enfants Des Autres (2022)

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Description: French actress Virginie Efira (44 years) in nude scenes from french movie Les Enfants Des Autres a.k.a. Other People's Children (2022). In the first scene, the actress kisses a guy in bed and does not show explicit nudity yet. We then see Virginie walking around an apartment topless in a pair of panties, holding a drink as she looks at some mementos on a bookcase. Next the actress lying on top of a guy in bed as he pulls her panties down and grabs her butt cheek. She is naked lying on top of him and we see side boob as she talks to the guy and then kisses him while rolling onto her back. Next Virginie gets out of bed, dashing out onto a balcony showing full nudity as she picks up a tiny hand towel to attempt to cover up. She then encounters the guy by a sliding door, her breasts jiggling and her bush in view as she runs in place and gesticulates for the guy to open the door and let her in. Another scene brings the actress lying on her side naked as a guy has sex with her from behind in bed, her right breast visible as the guy has his hand on her hip. Slow motion clip.
Models: Virginie Efira

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