Carla Gugino, Gaite Jansen - Leopard Skin (s01, 2022)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Carla Gugino (50 years) and dutch actress Gaite Jansen (30 years) in compilation of nude scenes from Netflix's series Leopard Skin (s01, 2022). In episode 1 Carla starts the series with a big bang, when a she swims naked in the pool and then comes out of it shaking her ass for the camera. In episode 3 Gaite sunbathing completely naked she turns forward showing her tits and hairy pussy. Then she gets up and goes to get her bathrobe while we get to see her gorgeous ass. In episode 4 this time it's Gaite Jansen taking a dip in the nude, showing some sideboob and bare butt. Episode 5 brings us a fantastic insane lesbian sex scene where Carla and Gaite emoving their nighties, then Gaite kisses Carla's body, sucking on her naked milf-boobs. Both actresses also flash their hairy pussies on camera! Episode 6 is another compilation of lesbian scenes between the two actresses. Slow motion clip.

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