Marion Cotillard - Chloé (1996)

nude scenes
naked scenes
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Description: French actress Marion Cotillard (21 years) in fully nude scenes from french tv movie Chloé (1996). First, we have a long scene with Marion dancing in her underwear. When she is on the stage in a blue glow, two women strip her naked and Marion shows off her two big melons and a hairy frenchy-pussy. In the next scene, the actress undresses a guy, and when she lies down on the bed, she shows her hairy cunt and tits again. Next Marion getting beaten and whipped brutally. Actress being fully naked while doing this. When she provides sexual services moments later, some old pervert reveals her breasts. In the next scene, Marion takes off her underwear and jumps into the shower. In short shots we can admire her ass, beaver and boobs. The next scene is Marion's sex where she shows off her right tit first and then the bush. Slow motion clip.

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