Alina Schaller, Judith Altenberger - Breaking the Ice (2022)

explicit nudity scenes
explicit sex scenes
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Description: Austrian actresses Alina Schaller (24 years) and Judith Altenberger in compilation of nude scenes from Austrian movie Breaking the Ice (2022). In the first scene Judith is naked. We see her naked in a locker room shower, standing off to the side as we get a view of her butt from behind. Next in the frame we have Alina. She standing in front of a mirror topless and checking out her physique from different angles as we see her bare breasts. Next the actress showing bare breasts as she stands in a shower with her back to the wall. Finally, at the end we have a great lezbian sex scene involving both girls. Both of them showing bare breasts. Afterward, we see Alina sitting naked next to Judith, who is lying naked on her stomach.

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