Emma Suárez - La Mosquitera (2010)

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Hot Emma Suárez - La Mosquitera (2010) naked and sex scenes compilation

Spanish actress Emma Suárez (47 years) in compilation of sexy and nude scene from spanish movie La Mosquitera (2010). In the first scene, Emma's character is being seduced by a young guy. Next the actress lying naked on a bed giving us a look at her large left boob as she masturbates for a while until a dog walks up and starts licking her causing her to stop and sit up and put a robe on. In another scene woman lowering her robe while sitting on the edge of a bed and then reaching under a pillow to touch a guy before she starts rubbing herself with her hand between her legs until finally she stops and pulls her robe back up. Then Emma having sex with a guy while riding him on a bed and looking down at him talking to him. In last scene the actress sitting on a bed nuzzling with a guy in a slightly see-through lacey dress and then having him climb on top of her and kiss her while showing some cleavage as she lies on her back.
Models: Emma Suarez